Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Min-Ji Cho

This is the coolest idea ever, earrings made from rubber gloves. This really appeals to me because i am always trying to take everyday ordinary objects and manipulate them to create something new. Who would have thought that you could wear your old dish gloves? very clever. Check out her website for other more abstract jewelry forms, i liked this first image i saw, simple but crafty.

Silicone Jewelry

Radiolaria Necklace made from Silicone Rubber, water jet cut. This necklace was created by Nervous Systems and was on Ponoko, where it won the jewelry design competition.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heather White

Heather White has created natural forms, incorporating castings of parts of the human body.The flowers and horn forms are sliver cast belly buttons, pretty cool and very fun.

Corsage Brooch
sterling silver, 22 karat gold, nickel, nine funnel-like flowers cast from a belly button 4 1/2" x 4" x 2"

Corsage Brooch: Milk Flower
sterling silver 8" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Thanks MOM!

Before i go any further into my blogging about belly buttons, placentas and all the research i have done for my mold making project. I would like to take a second to send a shout out to my mother, a one of a kind, amazing person. I would like to thank her for putting up with me kicking her from the inside, keeping her up at night and most of all for sending good food and nourishment my way when i was a baby. She took care of me even before she knew me, she didn't even get a chance to see if she even liked me before she started caring and for that i will be eternally grateful. Even after i am considered an"adult" by all government standard and should be taking care of myself, she still calls to check up on me and sends packages of food and goodies. With mothers day approaching, i would just like to say, thanks mom! With that said I encourage everyone out there who has a belly button, and thus a mother to do the same.

Umbilicus aka Belly Buttons

Everyone has one. It helped you before you were born. It was the gate way through which nourishment flowed, nourishment for which you completely relied on to be delivered to you from your mother.

Belly buttons are all different shapes and sizes, they are as unique as any other identifying features found on the body. I found this website of belly buttons, they where recorded on the streets of Brussels, England every year since 1999. thats a bucket load of belly buttons!!

Food Cravings

This is the link to the food cravings chart i had in class, for some reason it wont let me copy the chart and paste it, but heres the website if you want to check it out.

It even tells you what you should eat if you crave tabacco, maybe this could some how be used to help people quit smoking.

If you crave this... What you really need is... And here are healthy foods that have it:
Tabacco Tyrosine and Silicon Vitamin C supplements or orange, green and red fruits and vegetables

Feng Shui

Its that time again... time to Feng Shui my blog. Time for a new template.
Time for something things new to keep me coming back:) But before i claim to be Feng Shuiing my blog, i think it would be appropriate for me to find out what exactly it means to Feng Shui. After doing some reasearch i have discovered that Feng Shui is the "art of placement" it aims to maximise the movemnet and benifits of the Chi i our daily lives. Clean fresh Chi need to be able to flow threw our places of dweling, if this doesnt happen it can cause stress and unwanted outcomes. The Chi wishes to flow like a calm breeze throughout our lives delivering the calm and comfort we desire.

Maybe my blog Chi was being blocked, and it needed some rearranging to get the flow moving. hopefully this will do the trick.

"Feng Shui
reminds us that everything is connected, and that our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our mind, body, and spirit."

I liked this quote and think it is very true.