Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dennis Nahabetian

Dennis Nahabetian

Wonderful creative idea, His jewelry objects are just as strong and as interesting as his larger vessels. I really love this work.

April Higashi

These lovely jewelry pieces are enameled with many layers, throughly blending the colors of the enamel together creating a painterly feel.

Enamel and Electroform

A book i would like to get my hands on.

Pigeon Point Glass

Pigeon Point Glass combines glass and electroformed leaves to create little glass and metal beads, very cute and unique. We had discussed in class the combination of different materials, some being electroformed and others remaining in their original state. This is a great example of material combinations.


Instructables is a website that provides directions on creative art process, it even had an entry on Electroforming! The instructions provided were accompanied by step by step images that really helped to show the process. Very Cool!!

This is the before and after of the flower that has been electroformed.