Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creative Competency

Jay Ryan
, a print artist has a clear brand for his products. His prints can clearly be identified, they are playful and always contain animals. His hand is present in his work adding character to his posters, that are often done for bands.

IKEA is one of my favorite places to shop, its an all day event. They have everything you could possibly what, even a restaurant. Ikea designs are simple fun and affordable. They use alot of funky patters in there products giving off a young playful feel to them.

Working Class Studio
is a design collective that i particularly am drawn too. I like the fact that alot of there work is done by students, as a student i like knowing that its possible to get your work out there and into mainstream stores. There displays are also very strong, as you can see in the images above. They have places the objects in situations that illustrate the objects use. The bright colors of the objects themselves are matched by the colorful surroundings. Everything is bright and colorful and makes sense.

Arthur Hash has created a wide verity of objects, using new technology as well as traditional techniques. This wide skill set allows him to look at jewelry from new angels, questioning the jewelry making process and what materials are being used. In his jewelery he uses familiar subject matter and simplifies it, allowing the object to still be identifiable to extracting the details.

Dirt Devil
is now focusing its attention on design along with function, where in the past function has been the leading factor. They have now come out with the new KURV hand held vacuum, it is sleek and sexy. The design lifts the status of the vacuum cleaner into that of an art object. It is no longer something you would put in your closet but something you would display in your living room. It has form and function.

Apples branding has to be one of the most successful i have come in contact with. Everyone and their mom has an Apple product. Everyone wants one, and there branding creates this desire. There commercials for the iphone make it the versatile tool for people on the go, and this is their target customer. Ipod commercials are bright, bold and put you right into the commercial. Music has always been a tool for people to identify themselves with, and Apple taps into this desire to belong to a certain crowd.

I always buy Crest toothpaste, its what my mom bought, this emotional connection to home is why i buy it. Its clever catch phrase "Crest Kid" is also what makes me buy. Slogans help sell products, just like this one.

Hive is a company thats bases its products on good design and friendly impacts on the environment. Hive redesigns products adding a playful touch along with function.

2modern is a collection of new international design, its all here for you. Innovative new products for every aspect of life. one of my personal favorites are the silicone lights by Arturo Alvarez. Check it out!

OM home is a company started by Oorbee Roy, an Indian woman who takes her fabric designs from the Indian art of Alpona, the practice decorating the insides and outsides of homes and temples with geometric patterns. I like how Roy draws from her heritage, her website and all her products are represented by the geometric designs.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Branding Video

This is an awesome video about branding, i never really thought about advertising in an analytical way before. I think people are so used to the constant ads that surround them that it all blends together sometimes.

Branding is everywhere, in this video it said that advertisement's are even placed at the bottom of golf holes, when you go gather your ball from the hold you see an ad, clever, who would have thought to use this space for an advertisement.

People are constantly buying things, but why? are there subconscious reasons for these? This video tries to understand the reasons behind the objects people are drawn to and buy.

This video is packed with information to consider when creating a brand of your own. check it out!