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Brand Brainstorming

How would you like others to describe your work, website, your image?

I would like others to describe my work as elegant, fun and simple. The silicone is a new fun material in combination with the sterling silver that has been used in jewelry making for centuries. Because of this use of different materials my work as an old feel with a touch of new, it reaches back and touches that part in everyone, that wants to treasure something from the past, as a keepsake. While also bringing that object into the future and combining it with silicon a relatively new material. The relationship between the feel of the two materials is also very contrasting, the silver is stiff while the silicone gives and bends when touched.

My website would reflect this elegant feel. I would only use black and white images in my website, displays would also match this color palette.

I would like my image to be one of fun but to also have a feeling of something cherished. My pieces are very intimate and inviting I want my image to also be portrayed in this way.

What message will be delivered from your brand?

I hope the message of something special and treasured will be delivered from my brand. I want my brand to express that the objects created under its title are precious but not too precious that they are not worn. I want the message for my brand to be that the objects should be fully enjoyed. They should be worn and felt.

Why are you making what you make?

I am making my work because I enjoy creating. I enjoy precious things. Jewelry makes you feel beautiful, it helps you identify who you are, just like anything else you place on your body. I am making work because I enjoy the process of playing with a material and finding new ways to apply it to the jewelry field.

What do you hope to contribute to the world?

I would like to contribute to the world, beautiful objects. I would also like to express that any material can be used in the creation of jewelry, all you have to do is play with what you have and explore the options.

How can you communicate these qualities or values?

I will communicate these qualities of my work by using them myself. I will continue to play with materials, whatever they will be, and I will create beautiful objects. I will communicate by example.

Building in Second Life

Working on a display for my Design and Production jewelry.
Two different size fans.
Creating a fan form, made up of cones.