Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I love Tzuri Gueta her work is amazing, its such a great idea! I have put some of her other work on my blog a while ago but i have a new found love.
This image is beautiful it sweet and draws people in. Her website has so many images of her work you can see all the wonderful things she has created.
Check her website out! you will not regret it, i promise.
I helped Donna at the Washington Craft Show, her work is awesome. I liked her website because of the design going down the left side of her site, these are pins she sells, they are made of steel and plastic. You can clearly identify her work from her site, and that is great branding.
Arthur Hash has a very interactive website, its a lot of fun to navigate, everything moves! Its very him, its funky and hip, even the font is created in this way. His website is working for him.
I liked Bettina Speckner website because it is simple and on the front page displays her work. Its not complicated and easy to navigate, this is probably the style i will start off with when creating my own website.
Sarah Graham always uses the color red, her signature color. She includes this color in all her promotional materials, this helps create her brand. Sarah Graham has got branding down!

I liked Lauren Kalman's website because it was simple just like her work, all her images are clear and polished this style is reflected with in her website.

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